How to Cast Vote in General Elections of Pakistan [Voter’s Guide]

As the current government’s tenure is moving towards closure, the dates for General Elections of Pakistan are expected to be announced soon. But as a voter, all of us have to know the right way to cast a vote. And fulfill the National responsibility of honored citizens.


  • Local residents above 18 years
  • Citizens should be Registered on Electoral Rolls
  • Fall in the Electoral Area

How to cast a vote in the General Elections of Pakistan:

  1. Go to the Polling Station
  2. Show your Original CNIC
  3. Verify it, & get two ballot papers.
  4. Stamp on the symbols of the candidate of your choice.
  5. Fold the paper & put it in the box (Green Ballot in Green Lid) & (White Ballot in White Lid).
  6. Make sure to maintain the vote’s privacy while casting.

Difference Between Green & White Ballot Papers

The Green Ballot Paper is for the National Assembly; the candidate is MNA (Member of National Assembly).

Meanwhile, the White Ballot Paper represents the Provincial Assembly; the candidate is known as MPA (Member of Provincial Assembly).

Check the Polling Station

  • Type the CNIC number
  • Send the message to 8300
  • You’ll receive the relevant details


The timing for voting starts at 8:00 AM sharp and ends at 05:00 PM. Go to the polling station on time to avoid the long queues.

Overseas Participation in Election

Due to political instabilities the right of voting for overseas Pakistani isn’t operational. But in future we hope that the Election Commission will allow the Pakistani born to fully take part in the electoral activities.

Things to Remember:

  • Don’t bring the Mobile Phone, Camera, or any device along with you.
  • Make a stamp consciously inside the dedicated area on the ballot paper.
  • Don’t write anything on the ballot paper.
  • Be humble and give your turn to pregnant women and older people who use wheelchairs.
  • Don’t argue with the polling staff.

how to cast vote correctly

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the total number of voters in Pakistan?

According to Election Commission of Pakistan there are more than 124.75 million registered voters.

What is the timing to cast the vote?

Around 8-9 hours from 8 am till 5 pm. Sometimes an extra hour is added.

How much time it take to cast a vote?

Well it doesn’t take more than 3-5 mins if you don’t stuck in the queue.

There is a public holiday on election day in Pakistan?

Yes, Government officially announce the holiday on vote casting day.

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