How to Register Electricity Complaint Online? | Schedule, Tracking & Bill Calculator

If you’re among those electricity consumers tired of visiting power company offices. Here in this article, you’ll find the hassle-free method to lodge the complaint and resolve the issue in a minimum timeframe.

The following companies’ user can register their complaint using the app:

Before the Roshan Pakistan App, it was tricky to complain. But now, any user can do it at their fingertips.

Links to Download:

Google Play: Roshan Pakistan

IOS Store: Roshan Pakistan

The process of registering a Complaint

  1. Download “Roshan Pakistan App” on Android / iOS
  2. Click on the “Lodge Complaint Button”
  3. Select Category & Complaint Type
  4. Type Reference Number, Name, Mobile & Details
  5. Finally, Click on Register Complaint

Note: Make sure to select the relevant category and type for resolution.

Once the complaint gets registered, you’ll receive a “Ticket Number.”

For Example, if the light is off in the area. Select Line Complaint, Then Power Outage, or any issue.

How to track registered complaints:

  • Open the App
  • Click on “Track Complaints”
  • Type “Ticket Number”
  • The latest status will be shown

Load Management

A consumer whose activities depend highly on the electricity (Launder, Manufacturers, Restaurants, etc.) can check the schedule. Proactively arrange an alternate or wind up the task before the light goes off.

  • Open the App
  • Click on Load Management
  • Enter Reference Number
  • The upcoming timetable will be shown

Registration of CNIC | SMS Service

One of the advantages of providing a National Identity Card and Phone number is the applicant will receive the automatic meter reading as the account is updated. Also, they don’t have to check the bill manually.

  • Click on Register CNIC
  • Enter Electricity Bill Ref No
  • Proceed next & type the Occupant’s name, CNIC & mobile number.
  • Submit the Form

Bill Calculator

Want to know how many units you consumed. The calculator in the app helps to get an estimate. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Bill Calculator
  • Selection Connection Type (Domestic or Commercial)
  • Select Meter (Single or Three) Phase
  • Enter consumed units
  • Then Calculate Bill

Note: It only provided a rough idea of billing based upon units. However, the actual bill includes several taxes and other charges.

Categories of Complaint Includes:

Line Complaints

  1. Power Outage
  2. Damaged Meter
  3. Electric Fire
  4. Fluctuation
  5. Line Fault
  6. Low Voltage – Short Term
  7. Low Voltage – Long Term
  8. Phase Issue
  9. Additional Feeder
  10. Damaged Transformer – Rural
  11. Damaged Transformer – Urban
  12. Transformer Relocation / Augmentation
  13. Additional Transformer
  14. Live Fallen Wire
  15. Service Line Reloc / Improvement-Long Term
  16. LT / HT Line Relocation / Improvement-Long Term
  17. Meter Sparkling / Wire Loose
  18. Permanent Rectification of Temporary Fix
  19. Tripping (Due to Transformer)

Non-Line Complaints

  1. Meter Position
  2. Detection Bill
  3. Delayed Billing (New Connection)
  4. Late / Non Delivery of Bill
  5. Electricity Theft
  6. Installed Transformer / Meter / Wire Theft
  7. Bulk Distribution Theft
  8. Vehicle Theft
  9. Violation of Energy Conservation Measures
  10. Electrical Safety
  11. Defective Meter (single phase)
  12. Defective Meter (three-phase)
  13. Wrong Meter Reading
  14. No Meter Reading Taken
  15. Excess Billing
  16. Under Billing
  17. Account Information
  18. Bribery / Corruption
  19. Delayed Meter Reading

Leads / Requests

  1. Additional Transformer
  2. Temporary Connection
  3. Relocation of Meter
  4. New Connection
  5. Reconnection
  6. Change of Sanctioned Load
  7. Electrification
  8. Load shedding Schedule
  9. Change of Tariff
  10. Replacement Distribution Box

If you have questions about WAPDA and electric companies, ask in the comments. We reply to your query.

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