Orange Line Train Lahore: Routes & Timing (Latest Info 2023)

Orange Line Train Lahore Timing and Routes System: Pakistan’s first metro train in the heart of Punjab, Lahore. The project’s construction was started in 2015; it was estimated to end in the next 27 months. However, due to political instability, the delay expanded to almost five years. And on 25th October, the inauguration ceremony was done by the CM Punjab Usman Buzdar.

He said that:

OLMRT is a part of CPEC; it he added that the relationship between Pakistan and China is very good and will continue to uplift in other sectors.

OLMRTS’s mission is to:

Connection, set the city in motion.

The huge project is directed under the supervision of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority. In addition, this work portrays the picture of CPEC: a one-belt road agreement.

According to the official reports, the project cost around USD 1478.18 million and was financed by the Pakistan & Chinese Governments. However, the Federal invests a portion, but the overall authority remains in the Punjab Government’s hands.

  • Almost 250,000 passengers can travel daily.
  • Currently, 27 trains are on board, having five bogies on each train.
  • Prioritized seats for people with different abilities.
  • Using the orange line can save an hour approx.
  • Anarkali station is the state of the art & largest station.
  • Anarkali and Central Station are underground, while the other 24 stations are elevated.
  • In case of any trouble, there is a red button in every bogie that can be used to communicate with the control room.

Orange Line Train Lahore Routes and Timing

Route & Stations

Station #RouteStation Name
1Raiwind RoadAli Town
2Raiwind RoadThokar Niaz Baig
3Multan RoadCanal View
4Multan RoadHanjarwal
5Multan RoadWahdat Road
6Multan RoadAwan Town
7Multan RoadSabzazar
8Multan RoadShahnoor
9Multan RoadSalahuddin Road
10Multan RoadBund Road
11Multan RoadSamanabad
12Multan RoadGulshan-e-Ravi
13Multan RoadChauburji
14Lake RoadLake Road
15Edward RoadGPO
16McLeod RoadLakshami
17Nicholson RoadRailway Station
18Over the Railway LinesSultanpura
19GT RoadUET
20GT RoadBaghbanpura
21GT RoadShalimar Garden
22GT RoadPakistan Mint
23GT RoadMahmood Booti
24GT RoadIslam Park
25GT RoadSalamat Pura
26GT RoadDera Gujran

Fare / Ticket / Token Price

Only Rs.40/- per ride. Cheaper than the local transport. You can buy a token from the station or go cashless using the Smart Card.

Purchasing a Token or Ticket:

ticket & token price of orange train

There are two ways to purchase a ticket for the metro orange train.

Method—1: Buy from the ticket booth and wait if the queue is long.

Method—2: Using Automatic Ticket Vending Machine, fast and reliable.

If you haven’t used the Ticket Machine before and looking for its usage process, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Enter your Metro Train Card (if you have one) or Currency Notes.
  2. Make sure that the notes are not folded or damaged. Otherwise, the machine will reject it.
  3. The vending machine accepts notes ranging from 10, 20, 50, and 100 rupees. Greater value notes like 500, 1000, or 5000 are not accepted.
  4. The token will expire after 90 minutes; if you stay at some station & the mentioned time is passed, you’ll have to purchase a new ticket.

Orange Train Card

It is best to buy a train card & save time. The price of the card is Rs.130/-. It can be a top-up from the counter or machine. Also, the card allows you to get six tokens from the VM at a time.

Can I use the Metro Smart Card for Travelling on Orange Line?

Orange Train has separate cards to travel at the start, but recently, the mass transit authority integrated the card with metro bus and vice versa. So, one Smart Card is available for Metro, Speedo & Train.

Ridership Capacity

The unique system can handle up to 245,000 passengers per day; the number serves to reduce the traffic condition of the city roads.

Seating Arrangements

The Orange Train allows a seating capacity of 200 passengers, and more than 800 individuals can travel in a standing position. Train length also offers to enter & exit from anywhere.

Speed & Travel Time

The maximum speed at which train moves is 80 km/h (50 mph). So, from the beginning to the end station, it will take only 45 minutes to travel the 26 stations. In contrast, traveling locally or in your vehicle may take longer due to traffic conditions.

Orange Train Lahore Timing

Seven days a week: Monday-Sunday from 06:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Contact Info

To send you complaints/suggestions & feedback, Fill out this form.

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Final Words for you

The Orange Line Metro Train project is a blessing for the Lahoris. Its travel is cost-effective and saves the precious time of the riders. Above, I’ve shared the orange train Lahore timing, routes, and all other info with my experience. But now everyone enjoys the safe travel in it. So, if you haven’t experienced it yet, go to the nearest station & explore the beautiful view of Lahore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ticket or token price of the orange line metro train?

The ticket costs only Rs.40/- each trip; you can buy it at the ticketing booth or via an automatic machine.

What is the total travel time from start to end station on the orange train?

The complete route is covered in 45 minutes of one-way travel without traffic or red signal.

How to top up my orange train smart card?

Go to the ticketing booth and give the amount at the counter you wish to add to the card.

How many tokens can I buy from the card once?

The card allows purchasing six tokens at a time.

Can I use my Metro bus card on the orange train?

Surely, you can use the metro smart card to travel on Lahore Orange Line Metro Train.

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