How to Track Status of NADRA Registered Complaint?

Using the Nadra Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS), the registered complaint status can be easily tracked.

Just follow these simple steps below:

Method # 1 — Online Tracking

  1. Go to the Track Complaint
  2. Enter your “COMPLAINT NUMBER / شکایت نمبر”
  3. Then, click on Search Complaint
  4. The latest Status will be shown up

Method # 2 — Tracking via Helpline

Another way to track the complaint is via helpline number.

  1. Call to 1777
  2. Talk to the Customer Representative
  3. Tell him the Tracking Number
  4. He will inform you about the latest processing


What is the COMPLAINT NUMBER / شکایت نمبر?
It is a unique digit code assigned to each complaint.
Can I track my complaint using the National Identity Card number?
You can only track it with the specific digits allocated to it.
Does NADRA charge to track the complaints online?
It is free of cost; you can check the status several times.
When my complaint gets closed?
Once the issue is resolved, it is considered finished.
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